Super Ghouls N Ghosts SNES

Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, Super Nintendo

This suped-up version of Capcom‘s classic Ghouls N Ghosts on the Super Nintendo is a massive amount of fun. For starters: the game is a little easier than the arcade version, and there are a wide variety of new levels – many of which pay tribute to the arcade game, but make full use of the Super Nintendo’s built in powers (in particular with Mode 7 scrolling, which features heavily throughout, to great effect). So lots of great stuff to see, and the game at least gives you a chance to see some of it.

And Super Ghouls N Ghosts just goes on and on. The visual quality throughout is truly immense, and you really want to see what kind of perverted monsters/landscapes/ideas the designers will throw at you next. This really is an imaginative and colourful horror tribute game!

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