Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures, Super Nintendo

Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures is a run-and-gun platform/action game developed by Factor 5 (the German team who made Super Turrican, among others), with the supervision of LucasArts, and published by JVC in 1994.

The game features sequences based on the first three Indiana Jones films; the first being Raiders of the Lost Ark obviously; the second being Temple of Doom (my favourite), and the third being The Last Crusade.

You of course control Indy, and can run, jump, roll, shoot and use his infamous bullwhip to attack enemies (bats, spiders, Hovitos, Thugees, Nazis, et cetera), although the whip (and any other weapons) must first be found and collected before they can be used. Indy can use the whip to swing across gaps, and also break down obstructions with it. If Indy loses a life he loses the weapons he’s carrying and must find and pick them back up again. The same also applies at the start of each new level, and before boss fights. Without weapons Indy can only punch with his fists, or throw grenades (if he has any).

The game is a left-to-right dash through traps galore (falling stalactites, bamboo spears, spring-loaded skewers and so on), plus special sequences like running from the rolling boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are also occasional Mode 7 ‘driving’ sequences, such as the dingy ride down the snowy mountain and mine cart ride from Temple of Doom, which break up the platforming and provide a pleasant surprise for players. The game can be played at three difficulty levels and each stage (and difficulty) can be accessed using symbol-based passwords.

Cut scenes use stills from the films and there are also transitions that use the famous red line moving over the map sequence, as seen throughout the trilogy.

While Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures is a fairly simple, and often frustrating game, it is fun to play through recognisable scenes from the first three movies. Fans of the Indiana Jones series will no doubt lap this up as it contains enough variety, action and familiarity to please them, although casual players may find it too difficult to enjoy.

I must admit that this game passed me by in 1994, when I actually owned a Super Nintendo, but discovering and playing it now is a fun experience. It reminds me of Super Star Wars in many respects.

More: Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures on Wikipedia

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