Bubble Bobble, Amstrad CPC

Amstrad Bubble Bobble was developed by Software Creations and published by Firebird in 1987. It was programmed by John Pickford with graphics by Andrew Threlfall and sound by Tim Follin.

The game suffers a little from sluggishness in places, but is otherwise a pretty good 8-bit conversion. It is, however, arguably overshadowed by a later (faster) homebrew release of the game, called BB4CPC, which was released for free on the Amstrad CPC in 2014.

Graphically, the game is one of the chunkiest and least defined Bubble Bobble conversions, but overall the graphics are colourful and more than adequate. No tune plays in the background during gameplay – you just get selected sound effects.

All 100 levels are present and correct and it also retains the simultaneous two-player option. It’s a decent port of the famous arcade game on the Amstrad.

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