BB4CPC, Amstrad CPC

BB4CPC (meaning: “Bubble Bobble for the CPC“) is a superb modern “homebrew” remake of Bubble Bobble in 48K for the Amstrad CPC by CNGSoft. It was coded by Cesar Nicolas Gonzales and released as freeware in 2014.

Considering that this is a homebrew release I have to say that BB4CPC is such an excellent conversion – arguably even better than the official 1987 Firebird conversion by Software Creations. At least on the face of it. It’s faster, the controls are more responsive, and the graphics and colour schemes seem better to me. I don’t know how complete it is but having played it for a couple of hours I know that I enjoyed it more than the (slower) 1987 version.

You get six credits to see how far you can get into the game, and – if it’s complete – it should have 100 levels and a boss battle at the end, but I never made it that far. It does feature the ‘depth record’ screen that is in the arcade game – but missing from the 1987 port – which is nice.

If I had one complaint it would be that enemies seem to escape from inside bubbles too quickly, which makes some levels very difficult to complete, but otherwise it’s an amazing effort. It’s downloadable for free (at the time of writing) and should be checked-out by anyone who’d like to see how modern coding on old computers is still pushing these 8-bit machines to their limits. It’s incredible what people are producing, for fun, as tributes, as coding exercises, and for competitions. The man behind BB4CPC, Mr. Gonzales, also has a number of other free Amstrad releases on his website, which are worth checking out too.

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