Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, ZX Spectrum

The seventh Dizzy adventure, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy was the final release in the core series – until Wonderful Dizzy in 2020. This one was developed by Visual Impact, with some input from Philip Oliver, and was published by Codemasters in 1992.

Crystal Kingdom Dizzy was the first Dizzy game to be sold at full price (all previous Dizzy games had been budget releases to this point), and it drew some criticism as a result of that. The game does seem to be bigger than previous games, though, and is split into four distinct levels – each with its own set of puzzles and problems, and each with a password for access. The first level is the Yolkfolk village, and a cave under a waterfall. The second is a port with a large sailing ship. The third is a complex series of caverns with a well and a water inlet. The fourth level is a tribute to the famous UK TV game show “The Crystal Maze” and in it you meet a character that’s supposed to resemble Richard O’Brian, the show’s host (but I couldn’t see the resemblance to be honest). If you get the crystal for ‘Richard’ he then lets you through to the final area, which is a crystal cavern and an altar that requires you place three treasures on it in the correct order.

Making your way through all four different areas is quite a challenge. Probably one that’s out of reach for anyone but the most persistent of players. Crystal Kingdom Dizzy is still a fun and playable game, though, and the puzzles aren’t quite as obscure as those seen in previous games, so it is doable.

Graphically, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy is excellent and quite varied (although arguably not quite as stylish as Prince of the Yolkfolk), and the music is good too – in the 128K version.

In 2017 a team of Dizzy fans re-made Crystal Kingdom Dizzy for the Spectrum 128K. This is the same group who teamed-up with The Oliver Twins to make Wonderful Dizzy in 2020.

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