Prince of Persia, Super Nintendo

Developed by Arsys Software for Konami and published in 1992 this Super Nintendo conversion of Prince of Persia is arguably the best out of all of them.

The game has been expanded and seriously enhanced with superb graphics and stereo sound.

The levels follow the original Prince of Persia relatively faithfully, but have extra areas to make the tower seem bigger and the task in hand more grand and heroic.

The task isn’t impossible however, and the SNES version features possibly the easiest gameplay – at least in terms of gradually building up the difficulty. I particularly like the first level which has been expanded to included a short cave complex en route to your first sword. Sword fighting is easy to control too, which is not always the case with Prince of Persia conversions (or even the Apple II original), but in this is simple to execute and not too troublesome.

The variety of the levels as you progress is impressive too. There are even some cool boss battles; a ‘best time’ scoreboard for level times; and a password feature that contains a few interesting cheats.

Overall: Prince of Persia on the SNES is a brilliant game and a brilliant conversion. Arguably one of the best games on the SNES, and that is saying something.

In fact: in my mind the only thing close to this in the Prince of Persia canon is Prince of Persia 2. It’s that good. Find it; play it; enjoy it.

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