Prince of Persia, NES

Developed by Motivetime for Virgin Games and released in 1992, the NES version of Prince of Persia is unfortunately another flawed conversion.

My main gripe is with platform edges. Normally in Prince of Persia the main character should shuffle slowly to a platform edge and stop (if using the slow walk method). Then you can turn him around and press down to climb down off the ledge. In this: stopping the poor feller from falling off the edge to his doom is sketchy at best; at worst: a poorly implemented game-ruiner…

Another weird feature of the NES version of Prince of Persia is that the levels scroll sideways. Only slightly, but at the scale the game is presented this feature I guess is necessary. It does mean, though, that enemies can hide off-screen and surprise you, if you’re not expecting them.

The levels in this are faithful to the original in essence, but do have some subtle (and some not-so-subtle) changes to them. These changes neither enhance nor detract from the game, but if you are an experienced Prince of Persia player you will probably notice some differences.

Overall: Prince of Persia on the NES is not a bad game, but it certainly isn’t the real deal.

More: Prince of Persia on Wikipedia


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