Maniac Mansion, NES/Famicom

The NES/Famicom version of Maniac Mansion was developed and published by Jaleco in 1990 and is still worth playing today. It’s a fine port of a great game and translates well enough to Nintendo‘s machine that it arguably plays even better than the C64 original (although many will cry “Sacrilege!” to that).

Actually, that’s probably going a bit too far… It plays at least equally as well as the original. Probably because the SCUMM game engine allows the developers to easily port it to anything that has a pulse… It also looks a bit garish compared to the original version…

Maniac Mansion on the NES boosted the popularity of the adventure game genre and led to it being a moderate success… And it also led to an even better sequel in the form of Day of the Tentacle. Which wasn’t released for the NES.

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Steam: Maniac Mansion on Steam
GOG: Maniac Mansion on

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