Armalyte, Atari ST

Armalyte is a 1991 conversion of the classic Commodore 64 shooter by Cyberdyne Systems. Actually, it’s not really a conversion – more of a ‘re-imagining‘. More accurately: a ruining

Armalyte on the Atari ST is ridiculously difficult – unfair even. You barely stand a chance avoiding the scenery, never mind the bullets from the enemy. At times the designers seem to have lost their minds, because the situations they throw at you are just downright impossible…

The Armalyte ship, enemies and background graphics are all over-scale – they’re drawn too big – to be either proper Armalyte, or to be played at this speed or window size. And – as nice as some of the graphics are – you’re not going to have the patience to see much of them. Which makes the whole exercise pointless in my mind.

The result is: a not very enjoyable game overall. Arc Developments were responsible for this conversion, and in my opinion they failed miserably trying to recreate the original Armalyte‘s thrills. If you want to get any enjoyment out of this game, find a version with a collision trainer…

More: Armalyte on Wikipedia

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