EarthBound, Super Nintendo

This 1994 cult classic Super Nintendo level-grinder was originally titled “Mother 2” in its native Japan – later changed in English-speaking territories to EarthBound.

This was due to the fact that no one outside of Japan had seen the first Mother (released in 1989 on the NES) and the bigwigs at Nintendo of America worried that it might confuse people.

EarthBound is a stunningly beautiful RPG developed by Ape Inc. and HAL Laboratory.

It’s kinda like a subversion of classic Role-Playing games, with real life mundane objects becoming boss fights, and modern gaming and culture being parodied in a beautiful pixel art manner.

EarthBound certainly has a bit of a screw loose in gaming terms although everything about it oozes quality. The random, turn-based combat is great. The typography is unique and striking. Exploring is fun. Dialogue is fun. Even the ‘choose’ screen is fun. The whole game has been put together with great care, and it shows.

EarthBound might look unassuming, but it’s one of the best games ever released on the Super Nintendo. It really is that good!

More: EarthBound on Wikipedia

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