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Creatures, Commodore 64

Also known as “Clive Radcliffe Exterminates All The Unfriendly Repulsive Earth-ridden Slime“, Creatures is a beautifully-realised platform/puzzle game with colourful graphics and challenging gameplay.

The game was programmed by John Rowlands, with graphics by Steve Rowlands, and was published by Thalamus in 1990.

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Lack Of Love, Dreamcast

Lack Of Love is a strange “evolutionary life simulator” released in Japan only exclusively on the Sega Dreamcast in November 2000.

You basically take a small ‘blob’ on a 3D survival trip and evolve into a slightly bigger blob. Ultimately with a view to becoming the biggest blob on the block, so that you can eat everybody else.

Lack of Love was developed by Love-de-Lic, published by ASCII Entertainment, with music by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Unsurprisingly, the game sold poorly at Japanese retail. Still an interesting game though!

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