Operation Wolf, Atari ST

Taito‘s classic mounted gun arcade shooter, Operation Wolf, was ported to the Atari ST and Amiga by Ocean Software and first published in 1988. At the time it reviewed quite well, but my feeling has always been that it was never really any good to begin with. I had an Atari ST back in 1988 and remember not being that impressed with the game, even though magazines at the time were generally praising it.

While Operation Wolf looks okay in stills it plays quite slowly, and the control response from the ST mouse is a little laggy. That makes the game frustrating to play and far removed from the speed of the arcade game, which was a bona fide classic.

The game’s colours are also a little washed-out due to the ST‘s limitations, but in general the graphics from the arcade game have been converted reasonably well. That said, it is possible to see texture repetition on the ground and the movement of the larger sprites is quite jerky too.

Operation Wolf on the Atari ST is an okay conversion. It’s nothing special – just barely adequate.

More: Operation Wolf on Wikipedia

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