Operation Wolf, Amiga

The 1988 Amiga conversion of Taito‘s classic gun-based arcade game, Operation Wolf, was developed by Ocean Software and was reasonably well recieved at the time of release, but the fact is: it hasn’t stood the test of time that well, and it isn’t anywhere near as good as the original reviews made out. It’s just merely okay.

Compared to the Atari ST version the mouse controls in the Amiga version seem a little more responsive, but it’s still easy to miss targets due to lag, or the slow frequency of bullet firing. Also: graphically, the Amiga version isn’t that much more advanced than the ST version. The colours are still a bit washed-out at times and the larger sprites are still quite jerky in their movement. I had expected the Amiga version to be much better than the ST version, but that really isn’t the case – they look very similar visually.

Overall, Operation Wolf on the Amiga is less than adequate, in my opinion. I’m sure the machine is capable of better, but this conversion is maybe able to provide some short term enjoyment. It’s certainly not capable of providing any long-term thrills and if you really want to experience Operation Wolf as it’s meant to be played the only real option is the arcade original. All the home versions are mere approximations of the arcade experience. The PC Engine version is arguably the best home version – if you want to play a decent conversion.

More: Operation Wolf on Wikipedia

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