Alien Storm, Arcade

Sega‘s 1990 arcade hit, Alien Storm, is a one, two, or three-player action game with side-scrolling and first-person shooting sections.

Alien Storm is a parody of both classic science fiction films, and fighting games, and its gameplay is not too dissimilar to something like Double Dragon, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, or Sega‘s own Golden Axe.

Player one takes control of Garth (dressed in red), player two controls Karla (dressed in blue), and player three controls Scooter the robot. Each have their own unique weapon and smart bomb style.

The format of Alien Storm‘s gameplay is basically this: 1. walk left to right clearing every area of aliens until a ‘Go’ sign flashes up and allows you to continue. 2. defeat the aliens outside the building so you can enter it. 3. shoot all the aliens inside the building in a first-person target shooting section. 4. Rinse and repeat.

To spice things up a bit there are also some exciting, fast-moving running sections, where the running is done for you and all you have to do is take care of moving up and down, and of course mashing the fire button. The jump over the gap in the bridge during the second running section left me with my mouth agape… Hilarious stuff!

The first person target-shooting sections are absolutely insane. Pure carnage! It’s great just shooting up the shelves as you try to get the alien monsters. Cans of drink fly everywhere. It really is excellent chaos!

While it’s not the best of its type to come out of arcades, Alien Storm is a still a decent effort from Sega. I kinda wish the way the characters fired their weapons was different (ie. better), but it is what it is. A beautifully-presented but somewhat repetitive run-and-gun game with gruesome but cartoony graphics.

More: Alien Storm on Wikipedia

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