Castle Master II: The Crypt, Amiga

A direct follow-up to Castle Master, published by Incentive Software in 1990 and again using the Freescape Engine – one of the earliest 3D game engines.

In The Crypt you again begin by choosing to play as either Prince or a Princess and must rescue the one you don’t pick from the clutches of evil. This time the environment is different (as you’d expect) and you are are exploring a coffin-packed series of rooms containing obscure puzzles and solutions. There’s some basic combat with bats and demons and lots of opportunities to die instantly. It’s a prerequisite of early 3D video games…

The tune that plays in the background of the Amiga version is a bit weird. A bit like a Tears For Fears 80s hit pop song… Atmospheric nonetheless.

Domark published both Castle Master games together in one package. They are companion pieces, and are worth exploring as a pair.

More: Castle Master on Wikipedia

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