Chrono Trigger, Super Nintendo

Initially released for the Super Nintendo in 1995, Chrono Trigger is another top quality level-grinding RPG from those masters at Square – this one about a group of adventurers who travel through time to prevent a global catastrophe.

Combat-wise – rather than have random encounters – the player can see enemies on-screen and combat launches on a separate screen when they are touched. Some enemies do lie in ambush, though. Battles are turn-based, with a feature called “Active Time Battle 2.0” governing who goes next in your party, depending on their speed counter. Combat in Chrono Trigger is absorbing and fun, and thankfully different enough from other games to not feel stale.

Chrono Trigger is considered to be one of the best Super Nintendo games of all time, and when you look at the dev team you might understand why it turned out so well… Designer Hironobu Sakaguchi was the main creator behind the Final Fantasy series. Writer Yuji Horii was one of the main creators of Enix‘s Dragon Quest series. Artist Akira Toriyama was well known for his work on Dragon Quest (and Dragon Ball). Combined: their talent resulted in this game. A classic.

Chrono Trigger was also one of the first Square games to offer a “New Game Plus” mode – a feature that became popular later on (and is popular to this day) – whereby, after you’d completed the game once, you could then open up a new game, with additional features and all of the items you’d collected in your previous play-through.

If you’ve been a gamer for a while then you’ve probably heard of Chrono Trigger, even if you’ve never played it. It’s been ported to pretty much every modern system known to mankind, including the PC. According to Wikipedia Chrono Trigger has shipped 2.65 million copies worldwide, as of 2006. It also gave rise to the Chrono series, and two sequels – Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross.

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Steam: Chrono Trigger on Steam

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