Super Castlevania IV, Super Nintendo

Released in 1991, Konami‘s Super Castlevania IV was one of the earliest releases for the Super Nintendo console – and one of the best.

And it remains one of the best – to this day – with spectacular, horror-themed platforming action, full of deadly ghosts and monsters, and demanding boss battles.

The Super Nintendo‘s famous Mode 7 graphics rotation and scaling is used to great effect too, with drawbridges raising and falling smoothly, and entire levels rotating around effortlessly at certain points.

Super Castlevania IV gave the series the boost it needed to go on to become legendary, and Simon Belmont’s quest to defeat Dracula is still enjoyed by gamers to this day.

More: Super Castlevania IV on Wikipedia

3 thoughts on “Super Castlevania IV, Super Nintendo”

  1. The current state of the Castlevania series is depressing. I’d give my arms to have a game that plays half as good and looks half as pretty as this again.

    Not to mention the soundtrack, some crackers on this one. The opening level track sticks out in my mind as being a perfect set piece.

    It’s one of those games that every time I see it I’m still always quite stunned by how nice it actually looks. Somehow my memory never does it justice.

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      1. I actually came to the series quite late – Circle of the Moon on the GBA. Tight game with lots of nice New Game+ modes to keep you occupied. Symphony of the Night blew me away when I finally discovered it.

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