Civilization, PC

Sid Meier‘s Civilization is a classic turn-based strategy game first released by MicroProse in 1991.

Since then it has been re-made and re-released many times, such is the allure of its classic gameplay.

Civilization is a game of conquest and diplomacy, and exploring the map – dispelling the fog of war (the black areas of the map that you cannot see until you’ve visited them are obscured by the “fog of war”) and pillaging the land for resources. Well, it’s not exactly fracking, but you know what I mean.

Various units can do different things, like: Settlers can set up mines, build roads, and found new cities; Diplomats can mediate and spy; Caravans set up trade routes; Catapults can lay siege to enemy cities – that kind of thing.

The key to winning in Civilization is in choosing your research branches efficiently, and out-growing your opponents as quickly as possible. You can choose to play against three to seven opponents, and you all begin as historic civilisations (such as Romans, Aztecs, etc.) starting from the bottom. You invent the alphabet, mathematics, the wheel, etc. All the way up to nuclear fission (and beyond). Gaining a technological advantage over your opponents is a must if you’re going to prevail.

Of course your opponents don’t just leave you to it. They can bully you too, or even use you to their own ends. Demands for cash are quite frequent and turning them down risks war. And to risk war you have to at least have a decent force of your own.

These grabs are from the original MS-DOS version of Civilization.

More: Civilization on Wikipedia

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