No Second Prize, Atari ST

No Second Prize is a 3D motorbike racing game from German developer and publisher Thalion, with mouse controls and an emphasis on fun, rather than realism.

Which suits me, because realism in these games can really become a problem when all you want to do is complete one lap of the course without crashing, but can’t seem to be able to do that.

Thankfully, No Second Prize is fairly easy to get the hang of. Swiping the mouse left and right banks the bike when cornering, and within a few races you will no doubt be good enough to be challenging for first place (in the easier races at least).

Of course: much better motorbike racing games have been released onto the market since No Second Prize was first released in 1992 (Road Rash 64 springs to mind), but this game is still worthy of a play right now. Especially if you like race games. It hasn’t aged too badly, at least on the playability front. Graphically No Second Prize is basic, but fast and smooth and reasonably colourful.

More: Thalion Software on Wikipedia

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