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Matrix: Gridrunner 2, Atari 8-bit

Jeff Minter‘s Matrix: Gridrunner 2 was unfortunately re-titled and marketed as “Attack of the Mutant Camels” for the Atari 8-bit North American market, which causes considerable confusion about this game even now. I’m sticking with the original titles, to avoid confusion, for the HESWare re-titled versions of Matrix.

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Gridrunner, Commodore 64

Gridrunner came out on the Commodore 64 in 1983, making it a fairly early shooter for the system. Gameplay is basically the same as the VIC-20 original, but with slightly better graphics and a few more clock cycles to play with.

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Matrix: Gridrunner 2, VIC-20

Matrix: Gridrunner 2 was confusingly re-titled as “Attack of the Mutant Camels” on the VIC-20 in North America. The suits in charge of this re-naming fiasco insisted that the title from one of Llamasoft‘s older games be used, instead of “Matrix“.

Well: f*ck them, I’m calling it “Matrix: Gridrunner 2” in light of a lack of some common sense here…

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HES Games, Commodore 64

In my mind THE best Olympic sports type game on the Commodore 64.

HES Games – by 321 Software and HESWare – beats Epyx‘s great sports titles by virtue of its simplicity, and of it’s refined control system. And there’s an interesting mix of events too.

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