Shadow of the Beast III, Amiga

Shadow of the Beast III is the third game in the colourful and technically-impressive action/platform series. It was once again developed by Reflections and published by Psygnosis. This time in 1992.

You once again play as Aarbron, who in this game has regained his human form but must defeat Maletoth once and for all to become fully human again.

Shadow of the Beast III has four distinct stages (that you can choose between before the game starts), instead of one big area, and the game this time places less emphasis on combat and more focus on puzzles. The puzzles themselves are fairly simple, and sometimes quite clever, and the move toward puzzle-based gameplay is a welcomed one. That said: there is still plenty of shooting in Beast III and this time Aarbron throws shuriken as his default weapon. His health and lives are shown as test tubes in the bottom left. Once they’re gone it’s game over.

Shadow of the Beast III is a challenging game, but it doesn’t seem as difficult as the previous game. Looking at the three games in the series I’d have to say that this one is probably my favourite because it’s the most well-developed in terms of gameplay.

See also: Shadow of the Beast and Shadow of the Beast II.

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