Shadow of the Beast II, Amiga

In Shadow of the Beast II you again play as ‘Aarbron‘, the bipedal being who was turned into a half-beast by the evil wizard Maletoth (who you defeated in the first Shadow of the Beast), and who is now in half-beast, mostly human, form and who is searching for his kidnapped sister.

Aarbron must defeat the evil dragon, Ishran, and also rescue his sister from Zelek, the vengeful servant of Maletoth.

Gameplay in Shadow of the Beast II is more or less the same as the previous game: it’s a hit-and-run, side-scrolling action game with climbing, jumping and platforming elements. Aarbron’s main weapon this time is a chain mace that fires out Castlevania-style, although some enemies take a bit of persuading to stay down. The silver giants with the ball and chain, which you meet in the first level, are a beast (no pun intended) to put down. Timing jumps over their hits, then knocking them into the acid is the key to dealing with them, but it’s not easy. And that’s just the first level… In fact: there are many sections in Shadow of the Beast II that are difficult to beat, although figuring out what to do is the appeal. That said: the game could be too difficult for most players to enjoy. Even with a trainer the game is confusing and difficult.

I’d say that Shadow of the Beast II is marginally better than the first Shadow of the Beast, although they’re both very similar. The presentation in the second game is slightly better IMHO, and they both can be completed in around thirty minutes if you know what you’re doing.

Shadow of the Beast II was released in 1990 by Psygnosis. It was once again developed by Reflections and most of the people who worked on the first game. A third game in the series was released in 1992.

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