Castle Master II: The Crypt, ZX Spectrum

Castle Master II: The Crypt was the final Freescape game to be released for the Spectrum (or any system it found its way on to), and was only made available as a double pack with the original Castle Master, not long after the first Castle Master‘s release in 1990. It was again developed by Incentive Software/Major Developments and published by Domark.

In The Crypt you have to escape from Eternity Castle by solving various puzzles; destroy the evil spirits that’re trying to kill you, and face the boss Kerberos at the end of the game.

The environments are a mixture of locations familiar from the first Castle Master game, and new rooms that you’ve never seen before. There are also new elements introduced to the game, like an elevator.

The Crypt is an interesting mix of exploration and puzzle-solving, and is atmospheric and absorbing. If you can get over the game’s slowness, and can adapt to the game’s movement speed toggles, then The Crypt is a game still worth playing today.

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