Boulder Dash, ZX Spectrum

Boulder Dash on the ZX Spectrum is a decent, playable conversion, but it isn’t great and does have its issues. It was programmed by Dalali Software and published by Front Runner (a software label owned by K-Tel Productions, a famous British record label) in 1985.

The main problem with it is the slow and jerky scrolling, which at times can’t keep up with the movement of the main character, Rockford. Rockford sometimes runs ahead of the scrolling screen and disappears off the side so you can’t see him, which isn’t good, obviously.

Otherwise, this conversion features all sixteen classic Boulder Dash levels and they are correct and as they should be. Overall, the Spectrum version of this classic game is authentic and enjoyable to play, in spite of the dodgy scrolling.

See also: Boulder Dash Special

More: Boulder Dash on Wikipedia

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