Boulder Dash, Game Boy

The Game Boy version of Boulder Dash was programmed by Beam Software and is somewhat similar to the NES version (not exactly the same since it was developed by a completely different company). It is a jolly re-imagining with different graphics, but the same devious level designs as the original. And it is of course monochrome, rather than colour.

The game has four worlds (selectable at the start) which can be played at five difficulties. Due to the Game Boy‘s small screen the default view of the scrolling play area is a little cramped, but thankfully if you press Select during the game the view zooms out and switches to a wider view of the playfield. And it is entirely possible to play the entire game from this viewpoint, with titchy graphics replacing the larger, cuter versions. It just gives a better view of the entire level and becomes more necessary as the difficulty increases.

Also like the NES version: if you get stuck (very possible if boulders fall around you, trapping you in one place) then holding down the A and B button simultaneously will self-destruct you, allowing you to quickly re-try the level (if you have any lives left).

Boulder Dash on the Game Boy was first published in 1990 by Nintendo and it is an excellent conversion overall. It isn’t perfect, but it’s as good as you could expect on the humble black and white handheld.

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