Bubble Bobble, Sega Master System

The Sega Master System conversion of Bubble Bobble was converted by Taito themselves and published by Sega in 1988 in Japan and 1991 in Europe. Not only is it one of the best of the early console conversions, but it also differs from most of the other conversions in a significant way.

The original Japanese title for the game was “Final Bubble Bobble“.

The Master System version has 200 levels, instead of the usual 100, and instead of playing through the game twice (the second time as Super Bubble Bobble), you just play through it once. I think 200 levels is probably enough for most people…

The game also has new items, unique to this version, including the peacock feather, the blue book, and a blue crystal chalice. There are also two new sub-boss battles and a number of hidden rooms that contain items that need to be collected to get the ‘best’ ending. The game endings have also been enhanced and are unique to this conversion.

There is some some sprite tearing in places (a common issue on most early consoles) although the bonus numbers don’t flicker like they do in other conversions, which is good for screenshots!

This is still an excellent conversion although it is slower than the NES version (the music even plays slowly), but that’s okay because it makes the game easier. You get more time after popping the last bubble before moving to the next screen, which allows you to collect more goodies…

I rate the Master System conversion of Bubble Bobble very highly. In fact: it’s arguably one of the best games available for the console. Definitely one to play if you’re a Bubble Bobble fan.

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