Special Criminal Investigation, Arcade

Sometimes known simply as S.C.I. or Chase HQ 2: Special Criminal Investigation, this high octane driving sequel to Chase HQ is another fast-paced driving game with you playing a cop hot on the heels of some nasty criminals.

It was developed and manufactured by Taito and released into arcades in 1989, and – for my money – is one of the most exciting and heart-pumping 2D chase games ever made.

Special Criminal Investigation unfolds pretty much the same as in Chase HQ: you get a dispatch call identifying your target, then you have to chase it down. All the while being careful not to clip other cars on the road, or otherwise crash and slow yourself down.

In S.C.I., though, your partner can stand up and shoot at other vehicles. Helicopter drops give you new weapons, which you then use to take on the ‘boss’ vehicle at the end.

The end ‘boss’ battles in this are a notch up from those in Chase HQ. The criminals are more stubborn and seem to take more punishment than previously. Thankfully you can continue if you fail. I have to say, though, that I’ve rarely experienced such adrenaline-pumping boss battles as those found in this game. I came away shaking…

Definitely an improvement on Chase HQ, which is brilliant anyway. Special Criminal Investigation spices up every aspect of the game. Road movement is extremely fast and undulates realistically. You can really throw your car around on the track, which is good. Just don’t forget that there’s high and low gear!

Special Criminal Investigation is highly recommended if you like old school 2D racing games. It’s arguably one of the very best examples of that particular sub-genre.

More: Special Criminal Investigation on Wikipedia

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