Do-Re-Mi Fantasy, Super Nintendo

Published in Japan by Hudson Soft in 1996, Do-Re-Mi Fantasy is a cute and colourful platform game that is actually the sequel to the Famicom game Milon’s Secret Castle.

Do-Re-Mi Fantasy doesn’t really look like Milon’s Secret Castle – or play like it for that matter – but it does share the same bubble-blowing DNA as its predecessor.

One important thing to note about this game is that it never got an official English translation. The translation seen here is a fan translation. When Do-Re-Mi Fantasy was released on Virtual Console in the West it was the untranslated Japanese version (with Japanese text) that the public got. So if you want to play the English language version you’re either going to have to patch a ROM yourself, or find a ROM that’s already been patched.

Anyway, back to the game itself. Do-Re-Mi Fantasy is a really good platform game – kept interesting by varied game mechanics. One minute you’re running into the blowing wind, fighting against the force of it; the next you’re blowing bubbles at woodpeckers, or throwing bowling balls at hedgehogs… You get to ride various log flumes; blow bubblegum that rescues you if you fall off a ledge; play various minigames; fight boss battles, and do all kinds of other cool things.

The basic aim of each level is to collect the musical notes and make it to the exit alive. If you get hit by a meanie the colour of your outfit changes. Green means un-hit; blue means you’ve been hit once; red means you’ve been hit twice – one more hit and you lose a life. Collecting more outfits replenishes it’s colour.

Another important thing to note, that the game doesn’t really tell you and is very important, is that holding down the fire button makes you “get mad” and spray bubbles in all directions. It’s required for getting past a blockage early in the game and a lot of people can’t figure it out and give up at that point (or turn to YouTube).

Do-Re-Mi Fantasy is a game definitely worth playing – especially if you love the SNES and have never seen it before (I hadn’t until recently). Graphically it is absolutely lovely and full of colour. It feels nice to play too – the controls are spot on. Do-Re-Mi Fantasy is not a particularly taxing game, which makes it quite relaxing to play.

Note: the game is known as “DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure” in Japan.

More: Do-Re-Mi Fantasy on Wikipedia

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