Pengo, Megadrive/Genesis

Pengo on the Megadrive is an excellent remake of the classic Sega arcade game, Pengo, and it was published on cartridge (unfortunately in Japan only) in 1995.

It takes the basic idea of Pengo – pushing ice blocks around a maze – and expands upon it greatly, with lots of different maze layouts; new enemies; boss battles; cut scenes, and graphical styles.

Pengo has a story mode, a battle mode and an arcade mode. In story mode two players can play cooperatively, which is a lot of fun. Battle mode obviously pits you against a second player. Arcade mode is the original 1982 arcade game, although the screen scrolls vertically in this version because it’s too tall to fit on the Megadrive‘s horizontal screen (the arcade game had a vertical screen).

The game has lots of excellent little touches throughout, like for example when you beat the boss “Tyran” he freezes and his skin falls off, revealing his bones.

While it is sad that Pengo (or, to give it its Japanese name, “Pepenga Pengo“) didn’t receive a release in the West it is fairly easy to find and you don’t need to speak Japanese to play it. And if you’re a fan of Pengo, or just like cute maze/puzzle games, then you’d be well advised to hunt this down. It’s great fun – especially two-player.

More: Pengo on Wikipedia

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