Broforce, PC

Broforce is a satirical, side-scrolling run and gun shooter, with superb pixel graphics, and I can’t recommend it highly enough!

It’s a ‘modern retro’ game, in that: it’s a modern game (it came out in 2015), trying to look retro, and it works fantastically well. Broforce is so much fun to play…

You can play Broforce either single or multiplayer, and it has to be said that both sides of the game work brilliantly. In single-player you’re blasting your way through a on-going campaign that is comprised of many levels and administered via a world map (a campaign that can also be played multiplayer, if so wished), and in multi-player you’re playing (mostly) with online strangers*, in various modes; basically trying not to hamper each other, or kill yourself (which is very easy to do). Unless you’re playing Deathmatch, of course, when the aim is obviously to shoot each other in the face… *= You can also password your games, so only your friends can play.

Each player (a “Bro“) has a regular weapon, which they can fire without running out of ammo, and one special weapon, which has limited ammo. The landscape is blastable, which is an important part of the gameplay. You can shoot tunnels to hidden areas and also bring the ceiling down if you’re not careful (this happens a lot – falling debris will squash you).

Thankfully the player characters are quite agile and can clamber up the sides of vertical walls by tapping jump. They’re vulnerable to various kinds of traps, though. Dropping down onto spikes will kill you outright, unless you land on top of the already spiked body of a comrade.

Rescuing hostages is key to success. In multiplayer mode, when you rescue a hostage it brings any dead players back into the game. In single-player mode it changes the character you play, until you lose a life (at which point it returns to the previous one).

The playable characters in Broforce are miniature tributes to iconic pop culture and movie characters such as RoboCop, Indiana Jones, Rambo, Blade, Mr. T, Dutch from Predator, and Judge Dredd, and they all look amazing (and hilarious) jumping around in this game. The characters also make gestures and can even high five each other, which is very funny.

Overall: Broforce is great fun. It’s easy to pick up and play, and dip in and out of it, if you want to have a laugh and let off some steam. And it looks and sounds great on every level. Broforce is a top notch ‘indie’ game that is worth buying – especially if you like run and gun shooters.

Broforce was developed by South African developer, Free Lives, and is published by Devolver Digital.

More: Broforce on Wikipedia
Steam: Broforce on Steam Broforce on

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