A Fistful of Bucks, Commodore 64

Created by Ian Gray and Lee Braine and published by Ocean Software in 1985, A Fistful of Bucks (aka A Fi$tful of Buck$) is a simple, scrolling cowboy shooter with you playing a bounty hunter on the hunt for cash.

In the desert you are constantly attacked by bandits and hostile Indians, and must keep them at bay with your trusty six-shooter as you explore the area for buildings. When you do find a building you can go inside and the scene cuts to a side-on view and some platforming action. The aim being: to reach the bags of cash without losing all your lives. Fall too far off a platform, though, and you will lose a life.

You have limited ammo and the game pretty much throws everything at you all the time, so the gameplay in A Fistful of Bucks can be extremely frustrating at times. Actually, what am I talking about about? It’s absolute torture!

If you want to play one of the most annoying games of all time then try A Fistful of Bucks. It’s guaranteed to do your nut in…

More: A Fistful of Bucks on Moby Games

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