Cobra, ZX Spectrum

Loosely-based on the Sylvester Stallone film of the same name, Cobra is a legendary run-and-gun platform game programmed by the late Jonathan Smith for Ocean Software and first released in 1986.

It’s obviously a humorous attempt at creating something so completely off-the-wall, bonkers and cute that it dumbfounds the audience.

The sprites are beautifully-drawn and animated; the scrolling backgrounds are smooth (but slow). Surviving this stab-fest is… erm… interesting!

Critically-acclaimed (by most) at the time; Cobra is still pretty good to play now – if a bit limited. It’s one of Jonathan Smith‘s most well-remembered games and is considered a Speccy classic by many. Unlike the awful C64 version, which is one of the worst video games ever made.

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Cobra by Ocean.

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