Stormbringer, ZX Spectrum

The fourth and final Magic Knight game by David Jones, released by Mastertronic Added Dimension at the budget price of £2.99 in 1987.

In this final episode Magic Knight has accidentally created an ‘off-white’ clone of himself (by travelling in time), and this clone is planning to destroy Magic Knight with a storm cloud he can command (this is why his nickname is “Stormbringer“). The only way Magic Knight can stop this is by merging with his ‘off-white’ self when he finds it.

As usual in these Magic Knight adventures: not a lot makes sense. Some of the puzzles are semi-logical. Some of the characters are semi-funny. The menu system is an equal mix of usefulness and frustration.

Stormbringer is good; and a decent close to the series, but is not one of my favourite games of all time. David Jones was wise to end it here, but he did a good job making a series of games that are well-remembered by many.

Music in this final game is by David Whittaker. Again, there were separate 128K and 48K versions of Stormbringer. These grabs are from the 128K version.

Magic Knight on The King of Grabs:
ZX Spectrum: Finders Keepers, Spellbound, Knight Tyme, Stormbringer,
Stormbringer Atari ST version

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