Alien 3, Megadrive/Genesis

Probe Software developed this side-scrolling version of Alien 3 for Acclaim in 1992.

It is a run-and-gun platform game with you playing a bald Ripley trying to rescue cocooned prisoners while fending off waves of attacking aliens.

The colours are a bit subdued, and the graphics a bit cartoony, but overall this isn’t a bad game. Alien 3 is unforgiving, but manageable – if you’re quick on the trigger. Those acid-bleeding xenomorphs are quick to savage you if they get a chance…

Of course there are alien eggs and face-huggers and queen aliens. All the ‘general’ aliens look (a bit) like the infamous ‘alien dog’ from the film.  There’s no digital Brian Glover or Ralph Brown, which is disappointing. This is the first video game I saw that had a level set in an abattoir though…

Alien 3 appeared on a variety of platforms although this Megadrive version is arguably the best. It’s a toss up between this and SNES version.

More: Alien 3 on Wikipedia

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