Bruce Lee, Atari 8-bit

Ron J. Fortier‘s classic Bruce Lee is part platform game, part beat ’em up.

In it you assume the role of Bruce, fighting his way through a number of simple puzzles. The basic aim is to collect the lanterns so that they open up new exits.

All the while Bruce is being harassed by a ninja (dressed in black) and a green sumo wrestler (called The Green Yamo). This pair appear on certain screens and chase Bruce down, punching and kicking him if they get close. Of course Bruce can kick and punch back. Bruce can also climb and jump, which makes him quite agile around the landscape.

This 8-bit Atari version was the first version released, in 1984, leading on to a number of conversions, the Commodore 64 version being the most famous.

More: Bruce Lee on Wikipedia

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