Bruce Lee, MSX

The MSX conversion of Datasoft‘s classic Atari 8-bit/Commodore 64 game, Bruce Lee, was coded by Mike Livesay and published by Comptiq in 1985.

Bruce Lee plays like the original, and looks like it too, albeit a little bit squashed in terms of screen size/ratio, and the sprites are a little flickery too, which is unfortunate.

The game can be played one or two-player – just like the original – with the second player controlling the baddies and player one Bruce himself. All the screens, and the basic gameplay, are the same as the original. Bruce must collect lanterns to gain access to a secret underground base, then fight his way to the end and defeat the evil fire wizard.

Overall, this is not a bad conversion and Bruce Lee on the MSX still has a reasonable amount of entertainment value even today. Especially two-player.

More: Bruce Lee on Wikipedia

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