Bruce Lee II, PC

Bruce Lee II is an unofficial ‘homebrew’ sequel to Ron J. Fortier‘s classic Bruce Lee, released free by Bruno R. Marcos in 2013. And it is a marvellous game in its own right!

Not only do the graphics and gameplay follow on brilliantly from the original, but you can also play the game in two different presentation modes, meaning: you can make it look and sound like an actual C64 game, or an Amstrad CPC game. Very clever stuff.

Bruce can run, jump, climb, kick and punch, and do all the things he could before, although now he can swim underwater for a limited amount of time (when he runs out of air he turns red, meaning that you have to re-surface soon or die).

Many of the new levels require skilful climbing and jumping to clear, and new opponents (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Chuck Norris!) will pester you as The Green Yamo did before (and even fight among themselves), making progress even more challenging and fun. The levels are really well designed overall, though, and anyone who liked the original Bruce Lee game will delight over this.

Brilliant to play; difficult to grab; Bruce Lee II is well worth downloading and playing – that is: if you can find a copy. It seems to have been taken down from its original site; possibly due to rights issues. I’d love to see this game made available again!

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