Bruce Lee, Apple II

Predictably the Apple II conversion of Bruce Lee isn’t that great. It’s nowhere near as bad as the awful BBC Micro version, but it does have its problems. It first came out in 1984 and was programmed by Rick Mirsky.

The main issue I have with it are the bugs that warp you to places on the screen that instantly kill you, and also occasions where you’re on an elevator and can’t get off because you’re being kicked and punched to death by the two opponents who are stood on solid ground. The game is also much slower than the Atari, C64, Amstrad and Spectrum versions.

Which is a pity because Bruce Lee on the Apple II is not too bad overall. Yes: the graphics aren’t as colourful as other versions, but this conversion is playable and is at least very authentic to the original.

Apple II Bruce Lee isn’t the worst version of Bruce Lee out there, but that’s hardly a good reason to play it. Die hard Apple II fans will love it, but everyone else will probably be lukewarm about it and prefer playing the other versions.

More: Bruce Lee on Wikipedia

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