Bruce Lee, ZX Spectrum

Bruce Lee on the ZX Spectrum was developed by Ocean Software and is an excellent conversion of the Atari 8-bit original. It’s playable, solid, and remains great fun to play to this day. It even retains the simultaneous two-player mode from the original.

The gameplay is the same as the original – collect all the lanterns to open the way forward, and ultimately reach the evil wizard at the end and defeat him. The graphics are decent, if Spectrum-esque. There’s very little colour clash, which is good. Sound-wise there’s not much apart from Bruce‘s run sound, the odd spot effect, and a short piece of music on the title screen (which also plays when you complete the game).

ZX Spectrum Bruce Lee isn’t quite as great as the Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, and Amstrad versions, but it’s still an excellent game overall. Ocean did a good job of converting it. And it’s a damn sight better than the awful BBC Micro version.

Bruce Lee on the ZX Spectrum was published by US Gold in 1985.

More: Bruce Lee on Wikipedia

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