Contra: Hard Corps, Megadrive/Genesis

Contra: Hard Corps is Konami‘s attempt to recreate the thrills and spills of the legendary SNES game, Contra III: The Alien Wars (aka Super Probotector), on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, and – to be honest – it falls a little short of its SNES cousin.

Contra: Hard Corps is not as varied as Contra III, although it is still great fun to play now, especially two-player.

At times the game just seems to go on and on… I never felt as though I was nearing anything like an ending; it’s one horizontally-scrolling section after another, followed by one boss fight after another.

Actually, I’m probably being a little unfair because Hard Corps is quite imaginative overall. It isn’t as colourful as Contra III. It isn’t as terrifying. It isn’t as gripping. Or as spectacular. But it is a feat of game engineering on the Megadrive.

More: Contra: Hard Corps on Wikipedia

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