Super Mario World, Super Nintendo

Mario games may be looked down upon by some gamers as “for kids”, but this game proves otherwise.

Super Mario World (1990) may look and sound like a kid’s game on the surface, but – underneath the hood – the gameplay is for pros…

Some of the later levels are infuriatingly difficult, but hugely satisfying to beat. Of course: the early levels are a cakewalk. The difficulty curve in this game is just about perfect – easing you into the challenge gradually.

Graphically and sonically the SNES was made for games like this, with smooth-scrolling backgrounds and lots of sprites on screen at the same time. Super Mario World is a crisp and colourful visual treat from start to finish and has lost little of its appeal over the years. The gameplay too is timeless classic Nintendo.

Arguably the best Mario game of all time. And great to re-play any time.

More: Super Mario World on Wikipedia

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