Daikatana, Game Boy Color

Not the infamous Ion Storm first-person failure (also known as John Romero’s Daikatana), but a Japanese, Zelda-style implementation of the Daikatana franchise on the Game Boy Color, first released in 2000.

And it is surprisingly good too!

The action is kinda basic, but the graphics are colourful and nicely-drawn, and the storyline isn’t too bland.

It’s ironic that the Daikatana ‘brand’ is partially being rescued by a handheld game, although don’t expect too much from this title. Daikatana on the GBC doesn’t quite have the charm (or complexity) of an actual Zelda game. It’s an interesting curiosity at best. It’s still worth a look if you like action adventures though.

Interesting side note:
According to Wikipedia, John Romero himself released the GBC ROMs online, for free use with emulators on his website. I couldn’t find it on there though. The internet is so ephemeral…

Another interesting side note:
Daikatana on the GBC was only ever released in Europe (by KEMCO). It’s strange that a game developed in Japan wasn’t released there. The North American release of this Game Boy Color game was cancelled after the critical failure of the PC version.

More: Daikatana on Wikipedia

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