Alien Syndrome, Arcade

Sega‘s 1987 arcade shoot ’em up Alien Syndrome is a difficult game. Even with quicksaves I can only (be bothered to) get to the end of level two. Which must explain why many of the Alien Syndrome videos on YouTube are cheat videos… No one can be bothered to play it properly single-player.

Alien Syndrome is great two-player, with players choosing between a boy character or a girl character, and rushing around trying to coordinate a rescue. Playing it one-player is for hot shots. Well, hot shots who don’t cheat, that is…

I seem to remember the game being more colourful than it actually is, although rose-tinted spectacles must’ve conjured up that thought, because Alien Syndrome looks quite drab in the cold light of 2018. Well-drawn graphics, but lacking colour!

More: Alien Syndrome on Wikipedia

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