Smash TV, Arcade

Williams‘ brilliant 1990 arcade hit, Smash TV, is an insane overhead shooter with a wicked sense of humour.

You play a contestant in a futuristic game show – one in which you must kill to survive. And you have to kill a lot of people, robots, monsters, and snakes, to make it to the end.

As a casual two-player game there are few games more entertaining than Smash TV, and it’s still great fun single player now.

At times the levels go on and on. It’s tough going, but easier when you have an unlimited supply of credits. The boss battles are memorable too!

Smash TV was quite successful in arcades in 1990 and was converted to pretty much every home system known to man. The SNES version arguably being the best.

The arcade version of Smash TV, though, has the best graphics and sound. And gameplay.

More: Smash TV on Wikipedia

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