Amberstar PC

Amberstar, PC

Amberstar is a German-developed RPG that was originally released for the Atari ST, Amiga and PC MS-DOS in 1992. It is an incredibly difficult game to get a foothold in, but is worth the effort because it is such an interesting gaming challenge to take on.

Amberstar is extremely detailed, different (arguably archaic), tense, and atmospheric. Some say that it is a cross between Dungeon Master and the Ultima series of games, and I’d probably agree with that. It is a curious mix of real time and turn-based gameplay, mixing first-person and overhead viewpoints.

The screenshots here are from the PC DOS version of Amberstar, as that version has the most colourful graphics (and the least bugs).

If you’re going to play Amberstar, which I highly recommend you do if you’re an RPG enthusiast, then I would advise playing along with an online guide or walkthrough. It really is that tough. Great game though!

More: Amberstar on Wikipedia

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