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Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams, Sega Saturn

The second game in the infamous Cotton series, developed by Success and released into arcades first, then converted to the Sega Saturn in 1997.

It features one or two-player simultaneous, side-scrolling shoot ’em up action, with the main characters being two witches who fly on broomsticks. This simultaneous two-player action is the main difference between this and the first Cotton game.

Graphically, Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams is richer, colour-wise, and more detailed than the first game, although – personally – I prefer the more simple nature of Cotton #1‘s visuals. Somehow the graphics in Cotton 2 feel a bit dated compared to the first game.

Still, Cotton 2 is a frenetic and appealing shoot ’em up. You can chain kills together to get bigger bonuses, which is new to this game. The boss battles are still frequent and bonkers, and – like the first game – Cotton 2 is an impressive challenge.

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