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Bump ‘n’ Jump, Arcade

Data East‘s 1982 arcade release, Bump ‘n’ Jump (aka Burnin’ Rubber in its native Japan), is a jolly, vertically-scrolling driving game with a car that can jump up into the air for a few seconds to avoid gaps in the road.

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Bump ‘n’ Jump, Intellivision

Another excellent Data East arcade conversion, Bump ‘n’ Jump was released for the Intellivision in 1983 to some success.

Bump ‘n’ Jump is an overhead driving game, with a fast, vertically-scrolling track that widens and narrows as it zips past. The ultimate aim is to stay alive, at least until you can reach the finish line and the next level.

Other road users will cause you problems. Some cars will actively try to ram you into the side of the road (if that happens you explode and lose a life), so you must avoid that and smash them into the wall instead!

Even more problematic than other cars are gaps in the road, which thankfully you can jump over. Getting the timing right on the jumps is difficult though. You at least get a warning before the road disappears…

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