BurgerTime Deluxe, Game Boy

BurgerTime Deluxe is an enhanced remake of the classic 1982 arcade game, BurgerTime, released exclusively for the original Game Boy. It was developed and published by Data East in 1991.

Although the game is in monochrome it is actually much better than the full-colour Flintstones: BurgerTime in Bedrock that was released almost ten years later, for the Game Boy Color, in 2000. The music in BurgerTime Deluxe is far, far, FAR better – and more appropriate for this kind of game – than the tuneless garbage in the Flintstones BurgerTime variant. In fact: the soundtrack to BurgerTime Deluxe is awesome – maybe even one of the best Game Boy soundtracks ever made.

BurgerTime Deluxe features more levels than the original arcade game, with six different levels, each with four sub-levels, making 24 levels in total, and it also has supplementary cut scenes that help ‘jolly’ the proceedings up in-between levels. There’s also a ‘Versus’ mode so that two players can use a link cable to battle each other for high scores.

Overall, BurgerTime Deluxe is an excellent handheld remake of Data East‘s classic burger-dropping platform game and it demonstrates just how much fun BurgerTime can be when it’s put into the right hands (unlike the aforementioned Flintstones BurgerTime variant, which was a missed opportunity by its developers).

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