Sonic the Hedgehog, Game Gear

Released for the Game Gear in 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog is a handheld-specific version of the classic Megadrive game featuring Sega‘s famous blue mascot who is battling Dr. Robotnik to free the animals he’s kidnapped.

The levels are different to the original; most are more simplified variations of the Megadrive version, but there are some that are completely new. There are no loop rings in this version and Sonic can’t recollect his rings when he loses them after being hit.

A special stage is also accessible if you leave fewer than fifty rings when completing a level. This special stage is a pinball-like level with bumpers and flippers and the idea is to collect as many rings as possible before the timers runs down. If the timer runs down before you reach the exit you get no bonus, so you have to bare that in mind when you’re pinging around.

Sonic must also find six Chaos Emeralds and these are located in the regular levels in this game, rather than in the special stages.

Every so often you’ll also get a boss fight with Dr. Robotnik and these have also been adapted to fit the Game Gear‘s small screen.

Overall, this first Game Gear Sonic is a decent interpretation of the original Megadrive version and is worth playing if you like Sonic games. A sequel followed in 1992.

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