Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Game Gear

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is the 1992 sequel to the first Sonic on the Game Gear and it is considered by some to be better than the previous game. I’m not sure I agree, though…

In Sonic 2, Tails and the other animals have been kidnapped by Dr. Robotnik and it’s down to Sonic to rescue them. He must also find six more Chaos Emeralds in order to free Tails at the end of the game, and collect as many rings as possible to protect him from enemy collisions. At least this time Sonic can pick up (a small proportion of) rings that are dropped when he is hit (unlike in the first Game Gear Sonic).

There are mine cart rides, lava pits, blustery areas with a hang glider for flying, and underwater areas with bubbles that take you for a ride. Sonic can also break walls to reach hidden areas by spinning into them with momentum. As is now standard in Sonic games: occasionally a boss battle will break-up the platforming action.

I didn’t enjoy this second Sonic as much as the first for a few reasons. Firstly: there seem to be too many unfair deaths in the early levels. Secondly: the early boss battles are not as interesting (the first boss battle – the bouncing balls and the pit monster – is pretty lame to be honest, and the second one – the penguins and bird head – is stupidly difficult). Third: I didn’t find any Chaos Emeralds in my playthrough (and I’ve still got no idea where they are). Fourth: some of the nice details from the first game – like the map between levels – were missing from this sequel. Fifth: things like Dr. Robotnik saving you from falling into the lava in stage three don’t really seem ‘in-character’ for the game. I have quite a few grumbles about this game, but it’s still enjoyable to play.

Graphically, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is excellent, with colourful backgrounds and fast, smooth scrolling; and the music and sound is good too. Gameplay-wise, whether you prefer it or not to the first Sonic on the Game Gear, I guess is subjective.

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